Historical and old photos of Christchurch, Canterbury

Coat of arms Christchurch

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History of city Christchurch, Canterbury in photos

A small historical reference


Date of foundation:


Population: 381 800


Christchurch. Armagh Street Bridge, 1907
Armagh Street Bridge, 1907
Christchurch. Bowker Fountain
Bowker Fountain
Christchurch. Bridge on Colombo Street
Bridge on Colombo Street
Christchurch. Canterbury College, 1906
Canterbury College, 1906
Christchurch. Canterbury College and Museum
Canterbury College and Museum
Christchurch. Cashel Street, 1910
Cashel Street, 1910
Christchurch. Cathedral Square
Cathedral Square
Christchurch. Cathedral Square
Cathedral Square
Christchurch. Congregational Church
Congregational Church
Christchurch. Floral Clock, circa 1930-40's
Floral Clock, circa 1930-40's
Christchurch. High Street and Clock Tower, 1906
High Street and Clock Tower, 1906
Christchurch. Looking South from N.Z. Express Company's Buildings
Looking South from N.Z. Express Company's Buildings
Christchurch. Memorial to Captain Scott
Memorial to Captain Scott
Christchurch. Municipal Buildings, 1908
Municipal Buildings, Gas Company and Clarendon Hotel, 1908
Christchurch. On the Avon, 1907
On the Avon, 1907
Christchurch. Oxford Terrace, 1905
Oxford Terrace, 1905
Christchurch. Panorama of the City, 1906
Panorama of the City from Cathedral Tower, 1906
Christchurch. Panorama of the city, 1913
Panorama of the city, 1913
Christchurch. Public Library, 1907
Public Library, 1907
Christchurch. River Avon
River Avon and Gas company from Cambridge Terrace
Christchurch. The River Avon
The River Avon
Christchurch. The Roman Catholic Cathedral
The Roman Catholic Cathedral
Christchurch. Victoria Square, circa 1900-10's
Victoria Square, circa 1900-10's
Christchurch. Wainoni Park
Wainoni Park

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